The Ortholithi of Agios Gordios

The Ortholithi at Agios Gordios, captured from the sky (photo: Tassos Dukakis)

There is no doubt the ‘Ortholithi’, the famous ‘standing rock’ at the southend side of Agios Gordios beach and below the village of Pentati is one of the most photographed parts of the landscape in this popular holiday resort. On thousands and thousands of snaps tourists bring home every season it appears somewhere in the left corner, standing tall in its pride, after being torn off from the cliff probably long before humans ever set eyes on it.

So now Tassos Dukakis – whom many may know as the co-owner and wonderful host of Taverna Theodoros at the Agios Gordios beach – has put it all in a completely new perspective. Only some lucky paragliders have ever seen what he offers us in this splendid image. I must admit that I usually get annoyed when drone fanatics hover their cameradevices over your head on al lazy afternoon on the beach. But if you are able to open our eyes and create such beauty, keep up the good work and thank you so much!

Tassos has let me know that photography and video are ‘his hobby’. But it seems as professional as his real job. See more of his hobby on (featuring a 4×4 trip through Epirus) and on the Facebook page Corfu Images.

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