Corfu’s waste problem soon a ghost from the past?

Corfu’s serious problem with waste management is about to be solved soon. That is, if the measurements announced by the national Ministry for the Environment and Energy on October 31st are implemented as planned. 

The mixed waste on Corfu will be removed and taken to the Kozani landfill in Western Macedonia for the next three years until the construction of the Integrated Waste Management facility in Temploni (in Corfu’s Ropa Valley) is completed. The funding will come from the national programme ESPA and the three Corfu Municipalities.

The Kozani Waste Management Facility Board has yet to decide on acceptance of the Corfu waste. The board meets next week.

Recycling to be stepped up
To get the Temploni facility upgraded and ready for processing by the end of 2022 tenders will be invited in early 2020. Meanwhile the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation will start collaborating with partners on the island to set up a network for sorting garbage and biowaste management as soon as possible. In this way the volume of waste for processing will be reduced.

Continuous collective effort 
There wille be a continuous need for sorting garbage at the source by residents, for recycling and for Green Spots in each of the three Municipalities. Three Waste Transfer Stations will be set up in the North, the South and Central Corfu along with Biowaste Processing Units.

Both the Corfu Federation of Tourist Accommodation Owners and the Temploni Cultural Society are pleased with the plans. The first organisation stresses the need to continue to increase the percentage of recycled materials according to European guidelines.

The combined effort of all partners will have to ensure the sorry sight of garbage piling up along country roads, in villages and even on historic squares in town – as was the case during the tourist seasons of 2018 and 2019 – will be forgotten forever. Along with the unfortunate impact on the residents’ everyday life.

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