The Corfiot Magazine: archive on line!

The September 2009 issue of The Corfiot Magazine.

Good news for the fans of The Corfiot Magazine! Corfu’s English Language Monthly (also known as The Corfiot), established in 1990 and for many years available in print for the equivalent of 2 euro’s, has put a part of its archive on line. For free! The 35 last issues – published from August 2007 thru October 2010 (nrs. 200 -235) – can be downloaded as pdf on

The on line release creates a second life for hundreds of well written and well researched articles on a wide variety of subjects. Thanks to a few dozen writers, columnists and contributors.

One name stands out in the history of the magazine: editor Hilary Whitton Paipeti, also well-known as the author of books like The Complete Book of Corfu Walks, The Second Book of Corfu Walks, In the footsteps of Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrel in Corfu (1935-1939), Pictures from the Past, Corfu 4 Kids and Corfu Trail – The Companion Guide to Corfu’s Long-Distance Foot Path, the 222 kilometre trail she created around the island. (For more information about the trail:

The closure of The Corfiot
Hilary Whitton Paipeti was not happy when she had to pull the plug for The Corfiot Magazine but the economic crisis (reluctant advertisers, print fees going up etc.) in the fall of 2010 left her no choice. Plus the fact more and more readers were turning to free information and articles on line.

The Agiot
And that is what Hilary did herself. She started writing for the monthly on-line free newsletter The Agiot: “The fact it is free and only on line has been quite liberating for me as I don’t have a paying readership to satisfy!”
The Agiot covers many subjects – not solely about Corfu – by many contributors, and there seems to be something there for every type of reader. The website also features a photo gallery and an archive going back to the first edition in August 2007!

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  1. Dear Peter, Thank you for yet another article on your blog, with its variety of topics. Nice! I cannot enlarge the frontpage that goes with your latest publication, but do I see a headline saying ‘The Dylan Project on Corfu’? And if so, could you write more about that specific subject? Thanks beforehand and greetings from Bellevue, France xxx


    1. Hi there, Bellevue France! You are right about the headline ‘The Dylan Project on Corfu’. There was something special going on in September 2009 for all fans of Bob Dylan and good music in general. I promise to dwell on that in one of my next blogs. Hang in there and ‘au revoir’ xxx


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