Corfu is my Island: thank you mr. David Bowie

David Bowie at the Cannes Film Festival – 1983 (photo by Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock (100574s) )

A rather keen reader in France – Julien de Bellevue again – asked me the other day if I have stolen the title for my blog – Corfu is my Island – from the singer, songwriter, painter and artist David Bowie (1947-2016). Now what could I reply? I mean he is right. I had this one particular song in mind and couldn’t help repeating these lines: “Cyprus is my island/ And when the going’s rough/ I would love to find you/ Somewhere in a place like that.”

Angie Bowie: born on Cyprus
The words are from the third verse of a song called ‘Move On’, from ‘Lodger’ (1979), Bowie’s 13th studio album. It was Angie Barnett, Bowie’s first wife, who introduced him to the island where she was born and she remembers he was “very taken” by Cyprus. A year after the song’s release the singer Bowie and his muse Angie were divorced. So much for beautiful lines.

Bowie on Corfu?
Let’s agree I did not steal the words, but yes, borrowed the idea for my own purpose. For Corfu, that is. Mitigating circumstances, surely? Now what this reader in France wanted to know next: has David Bowie ever been to Corfu? An absolutely irrelevant question, or is it? Anyway I wanted to ignore it, but sometimes things are in the air. The very same day I see this lady on FB – not my medium, but how to avoid it? – reply to an overall question posted by someone about celebrities having visited Corfu. “David Bowie,” she stated clearly.

So for the record, dear Julien, I kindly asked the lady how she knew. She had witnessed it herself, she claimed. “I saw him in 1980 or 1981, in a nightclub near Corfu Town. The one with a swing and swimming pool.” Now I happen to have been on the island in both years, but a backpacker and not a nightclubber I seem to have missed all the fun. “1980 or 1981”: it would fit, Bowie blowing of some steam after his divorce. Meanwhile that “swing” puzzles me. “Boys keep swinging”, that’s for sure. Thank you for all, mr. David Bowie!

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  1. Kijk, zo steek je nog eens wat op!

    Warme groet,


    PS. The Irishman moet nog even wachten. We zitten midden in de Israelische serie Fauda. Hard, maar zeer de moeite waard!



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